ELINA (38)    +37257877798

Country:     Height: 165cm    Weight: 57kg    Bust:3
Searching: Woman Couple     Price: 150-200eu€
About me: I am sexy blonde,intelligent and friendly girl.I have beautiful face and body,blue eyes and big breast.I want to meet nice man and spend amazing time together.I can make good massage to you,have nice conversation and fantastic sex.Kissing is okay! Only outcall.
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Zanna (25)    58343169

Country:     Height: 167cm    Weight: 55kg    Bust:2
Searching: Man     Price: 150€
About me: Beautiful blonde offer sex,blowjob and erotic massage.
150 euro hour. Call me.
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Tiina (1)    +37258028633

Country:     Height: 1cm    Weight: 1kg    Bust:1
Searching:     Price: 25€
About me: Annan üürile ühe toaline korter Mustamäe, lühikese aja peale, 1-3t 25euro! Tüdrukuid ei ole! For rent one room bet sit apartment for short term rent 1-3h 25euro. Helistage! +37258028633
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